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Hello I'm Izabela

I am a self-made social entrepreneur and social activist.


After many years spent in the luxury industry and fashion in Paris, life brought me to Istanbul Turkey where I created this company.


We manufacture a large variety of handmade goods inhouse and over the years I had the opportunity to develop great relationships with many manufacturers that make quality products here in Turkey.


Bringing your product to life is never easy, they are always roadblocks.


My mission is to make this journey shorter and easier.


Cause visiting the factory, dealing with the owners, and actually walking the factory floor is crucial in the process and unfortunately not every entrepreneur can actually do that, I do it for you.


You need and want your vendor and the factory to be an extension of your brand and your partner.  I am here to help you achieve just that.

The Social Enterprise

Sector7 is an impact-driven business, with at its core the mission of providing work and vocational training for as many women as possible.


We started as small crochet and knit toy producer to expand with time to home décor and apparel.


We are over 100 women now.


We disrupt the traditional workplace organization and rules by providing those women with flexible work opportunities.


They can handcraft in our workshop where their kids are welcome and have a dedicated space but we encourage them to work mostly from their homes.

This enables them to better balance their other chores and family life and to actually choose how much and when they work.


We do crochet, knitting, sewing and embroidery, screen printing and we even produce our own yarns.

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